Old Testament Lesson 8: Living Righteously in a Wicked World

To strengthen each class member’s resolve to hold fast to righteous standards during times of increasing wickedness.

Genesis 13-14; 18-19

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Video 1 – Length: 1 minute 49 seconds
My excerpts from Elder L. Tom Perry’s April 2012 address “The Power of Deliverance”. The video highlights the differences between Lot and Abraham (his uncle), starting with the parcel of lands they chose. This choice starts them on a path and provides a focus for their lives and actions. Note that Abraham being older and the family Patriarch, should have chosen his land first according to custom.
Video © 2012 by Intellectual Reserve Inc.

Video 2 – Length: 3 minutes 9 seconds
“New Year’s: Look Not Behind Thee” is a Mormon Message from 2010. The video discusses how faith in Jesus Christ gives us strength to leave the past behind and look ahead to a brighter future.
Video © 2010 by Intellectual Reserve Inc.

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