Old Testament Lesson 3: The Creation

To help class members feel gratitude that God created all things for our benefit and that we are created in his image.

Moses 1:27-42; 2-3

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Video 1 – Length: 2 minutes 8 seconds
Video interview from the Fortune article “Billionaire Inventor James Dyson On His ‘Tedious’ Creative Process”. In the video James Dyson explains the creativity process for new products, from design to prototype to testing.
Video © 2016 by fortune.com

Video 2 – Length: 4 minutes 30 seconds
The Cambridge Singers sing “Look at the World” by John Rutter. The video contains the lyrics and a visual collage of animals and plants.
Video © by Ineke Beumer

Video 3 – Length: 1 minute 34 seconds
“Our Home” from the LDS Media Library. This video reminds us that the Earth was created for us to enjoy and take care of.
Video © 2014 by Intellectual Reserve Inc.

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